2017-2018 Skagit River Poetry Foundation Board Members

Molly McNulty, Executive Director

Molly Beth McNulty is a retired language arts teacher from Skagit County.  She joined the board in 2003 and became executive director in 2007. A visual artist, angler, and hunter, she has a great passion for poetry.

Terri Bakke-Schultz, Board President 2015-2016/Poets in the Schools coordinator

Terri Bakke-Schultz is a retired educator (elementary, gifted). She has served on the board since 2007 and is the past Board President and continues to be the Poet in the Schools coordinator.  Terri retired from the board in June, 2017.

Kathleen Bisagna

Kathleen Bisagna is new to the board but has long been a supporter of poetry’s power to transform the content of life into the context of love.  She enjoys writing, long-distance cycling, and is co-conspirator of Skagit Book & Paper Arts.

Eric Bowen, Treasurer

When he’s not swimming laps across the Skagit River, Eric can be found singing Welsh folk songs at the Mount Vernon Highland Games and Celtic Arts Festival.  He supports his hobbies by working as an accountant.

Tim Bruce

Tim Bruce is the co-founder of the Skagit River Poetry Project and has been an adjunct instructor in the School Administration program in Woodring since 2011 and in the fall of 2016 he joined WWU as an Assistant Professor.

Sherry Chavers

Sherry Chavers is a recent retiree from the Anacortes School District with a passion for promoting literacy skills through poetry with children of all ages. She has been on the board since 2013.

Erik Christensen

Erik Christensen is the head of the English Department at Oak Harbor High School, and an adjunct professor for Central Washington University.  In addition to songs and poetry, Erik writes the “Play That Song Again” music blog for Whidbey Life Magazine.

Amy Cushman

Amy Cushman teaches English at Squalicum High School in the Bellingham School District. She has hosted poets in her classroom seven times (so far!) and is passionate about their value and impact. She is new to the board.

Gail Davern

Gail Davern is a poet and a professor of English at Skagit Valley College on Whidbey Island. She has been on the board since 2012.

Steven Dolmatz~Board President since 2016

Steven Dolmatz is a retired English teacher from Squalicum High School in Bellingham. He joined the board in 1998, and has been on the Skagit River Poetry Festival’s music committee since 1999 and the poet selection committee since 2002.  Steve continues  to serve as Board President.

Anna Ferdinand

Anna Ferdinand teaches English and journalism at Sedro-Woolley High School.  She has worked in Education since 2008 and has had the privilege of working in classrooms that have hosted poets through the Skagit River Poetry Foundation for most of those years. Prior being an educator, Anna worked as a journalist, a baker, and an index proofreader.  She has two wonderful kids in high school who she loves to the moon and back and then some.

Jessica Gigot

Jessica Gigot, Ph.D, M.F.A, is a poet, farmer, teacher and musician.  She has a small farm that grows herbs, lamb and specialty produce and offers educational & art workshops through her Art in the Barn series. Jessica has lived in the Skagit Valley for over ten years and is deeply connected to the artistic and agricultural communities.  Jessica lives with her husband and two daughters in Bow, Washington.

Heidi Herder, former Board Secretary

Heidi Herder is an educator for the Burlington-Edison School District.  She has been teaching for over 20 years . Heidi is the past Board Secretary. Heidi retired from the board in June 2017, but continues to be a liaison for Burlington-Edison School District.

Georgia Johnson, Board Secretary

Georgia Johnson is a poet and culinary arts instructor who directs the La Conner School District Food Program. She has taught at the high school in La Conner for more than a decade. She has been with the board since 1999. Her new poetry collection Just Past Dew Point was published by Flying Trout Press.

Ken Stern

Ken comes from Cincinnati and is the new La Conner Weekly newspaper owner.  Stern holds two masters degrees: one in resource development from Michigan State University and a second in English from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.   Stern’s background is in agricultural food production economy.  We welcome Ken to La Conner and the Skagit River Poetry Foundation board.

Cindy Tracey

Cindy Tracey moved to Skagit Valley in 2003 when she and her husband purchased Katy’s Inn Bed and Breakfast in La Conner.  After selling the Inn she continues to be a community volunteer and is excited to be a member of the Skagit River Poetry Foundation.

Kathy Willins

Kathy Willins is a gatherer of tales as a member of the Communal Studies Association and an advocate for the power of poetry as a board member of the Skagit River Poetry Foundation.   She is a community volunteer, appreciates good art, good food, and the company of good friends.  She has served on the board since 2000.