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Our mission is to support lifelong literacy and cultural diversity through the writing, reading, performing, and teaching of poetry in Northwest Washington schools and communities.




 Annual Poet Teacher Workshop

What a wonderful event!     More than 50 educators from Concrete to Bellingham attended our annual Poet/Teacher workshop last night at SVC.   Oliver dela Paz, poet and professor from Western Washington University, presented a collage lesson that took about 30 seconds to get people totally engaged!   This lesson is posted on our website as is his Re-Vision exercise.  Mentors Sherry Chavers and Heidi Herder also provided exciting and useful lessons for the attendees.   Check our the Poets in the Schools menu and click on Curriculum to see these and other lessons you can use in your classroom today.

Since 1998, our non-profit has put top poets  in 3,000 classrooms, for 1,000 days, inspiring more than 400,000 students in the appreciation and creation of poetry.

“These master poets change students’ lives when they enter our area classrooms. They help students see inside themselves, help them find wonder in the world around them, lead them in the joy of discovering all that poetry makes possible.”

Molly McNulty, Executive Director